I wish Ruichun Textile won the honorary title of "Top Ten Creative Products of Chinese Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage"

2023-06-190 view

On December 28, the sixth China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference was successfully concluded in Gaoyang County, Baoding City. Among them, Ruichun Textile won the honorary title of "Top Ten Creative Products of China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage".

China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference is the only brand intangible cultural heritage conference held by national industry organizations in China. Since 2017, five sessions of the conference have been successfully held. The 6th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference is sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation, Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Baoding Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by China Textile Association Intangible Cultural Heritage Office and Gaoyang County People's Government. It is also the first textile Intangible Cultural Heritage conference held at the county level. 3

The theme of this conference is to build an ecological circle for integrated development of urban and rural textile intangible cultural heritage. The conference vows to fully promote textile intangible cultural heritage to help rural revitalization as the goal. At the opening ceremony, the theme of "Weaving Dream Gao Yang Dyeing Charm of the world" showcases Gao Yang's characteristic elements of textile, which uses the technique of ink dyeing halo to present the famous Qianlong Imperial Cotton Picture with magnificent charm. Since the contest was launched in November this year, 122 pieces (sets) of products from 53 enterprises from 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions participated in the contest. Among them, the products of Hebei Ruichun Textile Co., Ltd. stood out and won the honorary title of "Top Ten Creative Products of China's Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage".

It is reported that Hebei Ruichun Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Baoding City, Hebei province, founded in 2002, covers an area of 80 mu, is a collection of household textiles research and development design, production and processing, sales and export in one of the most innovative high-tech enterprises. Its main production of towel products and multilayer gauze bedding, domestic sales in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, export to the United States, Japan, Russia, has obtained 40 textile related patents, 169 design Copyrights, in this conference, its products fully demonstrated the current level of innovation and development of Chinese textile intangible cultural heritage products in line with the current consumer demand, attracted the majority of participants to watch and admire.

As a famous textile town, Gaoyang's textile industry began in the late Ming Dynasty, prospered in the late Qing Dynasty, and flourished in the Republic of China. After more than 400 years of inheritance, Gaoyang has more than 4,000 textile enterprises, employing 120,000 people. The production and sales of towels and blankets each account for one-third of the national market share. It has been awarded the title of "China's Famous Towel and Blanket City" and "Textile Industry Innovation Demonstration Cluster Area".

The successful opening of the sixth Textile intangible cultural Heritage Conference officially opened the prelude for Gaoyang on the road of inheriting China's textile intangible cultural heritage, and opened the era of adhering to digital empowerment with intangible cultural heritage as the carrier, fodding the subsequent expansion of industrial clusters and comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of the textile industry.

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