Wholesale towel manufacturers teach you two tips for using ice towels

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  Towels are an indispensable part of our daily life.We wash our faces,take a bath,wipe sweat and wipe our hands,but have you ever used an ice towel?Let's take the two main uses of towels as an example.Jieke Towel Wholesalewill introduce to you:

  Tools and materials:towel refrigerator bag tea lotion

  Method 1:Ice towel+tea bag If you can't get up in the morning due to poor rest at night,you can wrap the used tea bag with ice towel and apply it to the eyes for 10 minutes to help relieve the inability to get up.Since the tannins in the tea are good astringents,the ice towel can shrink the capillaries around the eyes,help the skin around the eyes to reduce swelling,and the tired eyes can quickly recover.

  Wholesale towel manufacturers

  Method 2:Ice towel+lotion For people with excessive oil secretion and large pores,first use ice towel and facial cleanser to wash the face thoroughly,then apply some astringent lotion,and then use ice towel to cold compress.Helps to shrink pores and leaves skin feeling very soft.

  Applying ice towel on the face can relieve irritation,shrink capillaries,reduce skin burning and itching,and relieve skin allergic reactions.In daily life,we can wrap the clean and moist towel with plastic wrap,put it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes,and then take it out for cold compress on the face,but Jieke towel wholesale reminds you that you can only apply 1-2 times oh.

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