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  • 高阳毛巾厂家联系方式怎么获取

    Gaoyang towel manufacturers contact how to get



    Towels are essential household items in daily life, with the continuous expansion of the market, more and more towel manufacturers have emerged for consumers to choose. For businesses or individuals who need to purchase towels in large quantities, it is v

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  • 河北高阳:培育高价值发明专利 打造纺织产业高质量发展新“引擎”

    Gaoyang, Hebei: Cultivating high-value invention patents to create a new "engine" for high-quality development of the textile industry



    Recently, at the 2023 First China Home Textile Technology Innovation Conference held by China Home Textile Industry Association, Hebei Gaoyang County Hebei Ruichun Textile Company independent research and development of "a change grid bottom organiza

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  • “全国商超直采对接会”在高阳成功举办

    "National Commercial super direct mining matching Meeting" was successfully held in Gaoyang



    On the morning of September 21, 2022, the "National Direct Mining Meeting" hosted by Gaoyang Ruichun Textile and Super Mining Association was successfully held in Zhenhua Hotel of Gaoyang County.

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  • 东华大学专家顾问团队赴瑞春研究院调研指导

    The expert advisory team of Donghua University went to Ruichun Research Institute for investigation and guidance



    On the morning of May 21, 2023, Chen Ge, vice president of Donghua University, and a team of 5 experts and consultants went to Hebei Home Textile Industrial Technology Research Institute for periodic work communication research. Gaoyang County in charge o

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  • 河北瑞春纺织有限公司 关于申报河北省政府质量奖的公示

    Hebei Ruichun Textile Co., Ltd. on the declaration of Hebei Provincial government quality Award



    According to the document requirements of the Notice of Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award Review Committee Office on the Application of the 12th Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award, our unit decided to apply for 2023 Provincial Government Qu

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  • 高阳县瑞春纺织与省家纺产业技术研究院赴天津工业大学考察

    Gaoyang Ruichun Textile and Provincial Home Textile Industry Technology Research Institute visited Tianjin Polytechnic University



    On March 8, Zhang Ruichun, chairman of Ruichun Textile Company of Gaoyang County, Man Quanxian, director of Provincial Home Textile Industry Technology Research Institute and other 6 people visited the Textile Science and Engineering College of Tianjin Po

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  • 拼多多培训招商交流会成功举办——河北瑞春纺织

    Pinduoduo training investment exchange meeting was successfully held -- Hebei Ruichun Textile



    In order to help Gaoyang textile merchants enhance their e-commerce operation ability, expand their labor service brands, and drive more employment and entrepreneurship, on February 23, the "Pinduoduo Training Exchange Conference" hosted by Pind

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  • 喜报!高阳县瑞春纺织荣获“十佳社会公益组织”称号

    Good news! Ruichun Textile of Gaoyang County won the title of "Top Ten Social Welfare Organizations"



    Held on February 8, my county "government special award" and "make energetic new era, Benedict line not idle to the future" top awards ceremony civilization. Gao Huaijun, Vice chairman of the Municipal CPPCC and Secretary of the County

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  • 河北瑞春纺织有限公司荣获海关高级认证企业证书

    Hebei Ruichun Textile Co., Ltd. won the certificate of advanced Customs certification



    Recently, Hebei Ruichun Textile Co., Ltd. officially obtained the advanced Customs certification enterprise certificate, which is a strong proof that the company has reached international standards in quality management, safety management, credit manageme

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  • 高阳县召开数字化促进乡村振兴对接会

    Gaoyang County held digitalization to promote rural revitalization matchmaking



    At 9am on March 28, Li Fenggang, Standing Committee member of Gaoyang County Party Committee and executive deputy county governor, Xu Runkuan, president of Hebei Digital Enabling Rural Revitalization Research Institute and other leaders presided over the

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  • 河北瑞春纺织总监王舜熙参与(高阳)数字场景创新峰会

    Wang Shunxi, director of Hebei Ruichun Textile, participated in the Digital Scene Innovation Summit



    March 29, 2023, Hebei (Gaoyang) Digital Scene Innovation Summit was held in Gaoyang County Jinjinledao Industrial Education City center. This summit is the first stop of the selection and collection of 2023 digital economy typical scenarios organized by H

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  • 市就业服务中心主任孟善杰到我县调研劳务品牌建设工作

    City employment service center director Meng Shanjie to my county research service brand construction work



    In the afternoon of February 2, Baoding City employment service center director Meng Shanjie comrade led the city related department leaders, to my county on the labor brand construction of research, in-depth "Gaoyang Weaver" labor brand constru

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  • 高阳县瑞春纺织与妇联共同开展女性礼仪培训

    Gaoyang County Ruichun Textile and women's Federation jointly carry out female etiquette training



    On March 7th, our county held a conference to commemorate the "March 8th" International Women's Day with the theme of "Striving to be responsible for half the sky to help accelerate the rise of New Gaoyang". Niu Jianliang, deputy secre

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  • 高阳县瑞春纺织积极参与“微心愿”活动

    Gaoyang Ruichun Textile actively participates in the "micro wish" activity



    Small wish, big hope. A power bank, a blood pressure monitor, a bucket of peanut oil... A small wish may seem trivial to many people, but it is the dream of those families in difficulty, empty nesters. In order to further strengthen the connection between

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  • 高阳县瑞春纺织打造产业集群窗口

    Gaoyang County Ruichun textile industry cluster window



    Gaoyang County Small and Medium Enterprises Public Service Platform was built by Hebei Ruichun Textile Technology Co., LTD., which was identified as "Hebei Small and Medium Enterprises Public Service Demonstration Platform" in 2012. In the same

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  • 高阳纺织产业带《抖音联盟团长》项目发布会成功召开

    The press conference of the project "Head of Douyin Alliance" of Gaoyang Textile Industrial Belt was successfully held



    On the evening of August 9th, it was organized by Douyin E-commerce, Gaoyang County Bureau of Commerce, Gaoyang County Ruichun Textile and Gaoyang County E-commerce Association, and co-organized by China (Gaoyang) Textile Talent Exchange Base and Gaoyang

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  • 瑞春纺织满全县荣获“全国劳务品牌形象代言人”

    Ruichun Textile Manquan County won the "National Labor Service Brand Image Spokesperson"



    Recently, under the guidance of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and sponsored by the China Labor and Social Security Newspaper, the "National Labor Service Brand Image Spokesperson Exhibition

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  • 高阳纺织人满全县,登榜全国劳务品牌形象代言人!

    Gaoyang Textile is full of people in the county, and is listed as the spokesperson of the national labor service brand!



    In order to strengthen the construction of labor service brands and promote rural revitalization in an all-round way, the "National Labor Service Brand Image Spokesperson Exhibition and Broadcasting Event", guided by the Employment Promotion Dep

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  • 纺织产业发展战略联盟在高阳启动

    The textile industry development strategic alliance is launched in Gaoyang



    On the morning of August 28,a strong alliance to accelerate the launch of the strategic cooperation

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  • 河北纺织有的放矢主攻环保重点工程

    Hebei Textile focuses on key environmental protection projects



    The special geographical location surrounding Beijing and Tianjin determines that Hebei Province ass

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