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  • 【高阳毛巾】如何选择高品质的毛巾?

    【 Gaoyang Towel 】 How to choose high-quality towels?



    Towel is commonly used in our daily life, although it is small, but related to our health, let Gaoyang towel to share how to choose high-quality towel?

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  • 【高阳毛巾】抗菌毛巾的作用原来这么大?

    [Gaoyang towel] Antibacterial towel effect original so big?



    【 Gaoyang Towel 】 How about a towel made of plant fiber? What effect does it have? The following Gaoyang towel manufacturers to take you to understand in detail!

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  • 【高阳毛巾】毛巾的正确使用方法你知道几个?

    【 Gaoyang towel 】 The correct use of towel you know a few?



    In everyday life, most people do not use towels properly and do not know how to use and clean them. In addition, many people are reluctant to change their towels because of the principle of thrift. However, do you know how dirty towels are? Today Gaoyang

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  • 高阳毛巾生产的抗菌毛巾好处这么多?

    Gaoyang towel production of antibacterial towel benefits so much?



    Bactericidal, bacteriostatic and antibacterial sound the same, but they are not the same. Sterilization refers to the action of nutrients and reproductive substances that kill microorganisms; Bacteriostasis refers to the effect of inhibiting the growth an

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  • 【高阳毛巾】毛巾组织工艺详解

    【 Gaoyang Towel 】 Detailed explanation of towel organization process



    [Koyang towel] In Japan, the broad sense of "towel" refers to "wool fabric", it is more of a "material", sometimes also called "terry cloth"; While towel blankets and towels are used for different purposes, all fabr

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  • 高阳毛巾厂家如何分辨毛巾的好坏?

    Gaoyang towel manufacturers how to distinguish the good or bad towel?



    Many friends will choose dark towel, for light towel dirty wash is not clean, not as beautiful as dark towel, in fact, this choice is not right, let's take a look at Gaoyang towel manufacturers how to distinguish the good or bad towel?

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  • 高阳毛巾厂家是如何克服毛巾色差的?

    How does Gaoyang towel manufacturer overcome towel color difference?



    Towels are essential daily necessities for every family, and every family has more than one towel. It is a commonly used product that uses a towel to wipe away dry water marks. The color of a towel becomes the first visual parameter for customers to choos

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  • 高阳毛巾厂专家建议洗脸毛巾两个月更换一次

    Experts from Gaoyang Towel Factory suggest that face towels should be replaced every two months



    According to experts from Gaoyang Towel Factory, many consumers tend to ignore products such as pillow cores. In fact, people spend one third of their time sleeping every day. Improper use of such bedding products will seriously affect human health.

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  • 高阳毛巾厂家的生产工艺及分类

    The production process and classification of Gaoyang towel manufacturers



    According to different people, there are many types of towels. The following Gaoyang towel manufacturers make specific classification methods according to different organizations, hoping to let our friends know!

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  • 毛巾批发行业现状以及未来趋势解析

    Analysis of the current situation and future trend of the towel wholesale industry



    Trend 1: Specialty stores will become the main channel for high-end towels. In addition to the original distribution and wholesale channels, supermarket stores, and department stores, towel products are mainly based on towels, and it has become an inevita

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  • 毛巾批发厂家教你如何选购毛巾

    Wholesale towel manufacturers teach you how to buy towels



    Common sense of towels: When purchasing towels, try to go to large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores to buy them, and choose products produced by regular towel wholesale manufacturers. Towel products that meet the requirements should have s

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  • 毛巾批发哪个品牌好?

    Which brand of towels is good for wholesale?



    Towels are an essential item in daily life. Maybe it's too common. Most people seem to be too casual when using, selecting, and placing. However, if you use it incorrectly, it will reduce your quality of life and even affect your health.

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  • 婴幼儿使用的毛巾一定要柔软,否则后果不堪设想!

    The towels used by infants and young children must be soft, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous!



    Towels are in close contact with our bodies every day, and their main component, cotton fibers, is easy to "stain". If the cleaning method is improper, it will become a source of pollution in the home.

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  • 【高阳毛巾厂家】毛巾有酸味怎么办?一个技巧搞定!

    [Gaoyang Towel Manufacturer] What should I do if the towel has a sour smell? One trick to get it done!



    【Goyang Towel Manufacturer】This solution will help remove the sour smell from the towel! We love the feeling of showering and then wiping off our freshly washed towels. It made us feel so clean! It's really nasty and smells a little musty and sour when yo

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  • 【高阳毛巾】旧毛巾的使用小妙招!

    [Goyang Towel] Tips for using old towels!



    【Goyang Towel】What can I do with used old towels? For baby sleeping bags, collect two thick old towels, sterilize them with hot water and dry them, sew the long sides of the two towels into a cylinder shape, and then sew the bottom edges. With such a towe

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