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Which brand of towels is good for wholesale?

2024-01-100 view

Towels are an essential item in daily life. Maybe it's too common, most people seem to be too casual when using, choosing, and placing towels. However, if you use towels incorrectly, it will reduce your quality of life and even affect your health. Through scientific experiments, it has been proved that coins, bedding and towels are the three main indirect infectious agents. Therefore, what issues should be paid attention to in the selection and use of wholesale towels?

Wide variety of towels:

According to the scope of use, it is divided into: towels, face towels, hair dryers, kitchen towels, beach towels, children's towels, air-conditioning masks, etc.;

According to the style, it is divided into: spiral type, velvet type, plain color type, printing type, and can also be added with various crafts such as satin file, satin edge, embroidery, flower decoration, beard row, intarsia, etc. , Fine seam, beautiful and durable.

For the quality of towels, experts suggest that you identify from the following six aspects:

1. The texture is fluffy and soft to the touch: This kind of towel gives people a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. It is elastic in the hand and sticks to the face like a spring breeze, giving people a feeling of tenderness and lingering. Your skin hurts.

2. Bright colors: whether it is printing or plain color, as long as the materials are carefully used and the craftsmanship is in place, it must be very bright and bright. You can tell it is new at a glance. Do not buy old towels, because this kind of towels is generally simple in craftsmanship. Poor material is not good for health.

3. The pattern is clear, the printing is accurate, full, novel and full of the sense of the times: in addition to being practical, the towel is also a work of art, lifelike, a painting, a kind of decoration, giving people a spiritual enjoyment, anywhere in the room There will be no waste in the slightest. Don't buy shoddy and all kinds of counterfeit brands, so as not to reduce your taste and contaminate your living room.

4. High absorbency: The towel has a particularly strong requirement for hydrophilicity. After drying the towel, dry the water, remove dust and decontamination, which requires high-quality cotton yarn, advanced cooking and printing and dyeing processes, and perfect testing and inspection methods. , a towel that does not absorb water and decontaminate after drying will affect your quality of life.

5. The style is novel and the production is exquisite; towels can have various styles, including spiral, cut pile, plain color, printing, and also can be added with satin file, satin edge, embroidery, flower decoration, flower decoration, flower decoration, flower decoration, flower decoration. This kind of towel is generally made of exquisite materials and high quality, coupled with exquisite stitching, vertical and horizontal, just right trademark sewing, etc., the towel looks very elegant, and there is nothing wrong with it. Towels without trademarks and from the exact origin.

6. Reasonable price: The price reflects the value, and also reflects the cost and labor time required by the society. The price between factories is high or low, but it should not be excessive. If the price is far lower than the value, you have to be careful, there must be If there is a fake, it is either shoddy or something else. Wholesale towels pursue high quality and low price, and avoid unilateral pursuit of low prices, but what you buy is waste products that look like towels.

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