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Wholesale towel manufacturers teach you how to buy towels

2024-04-070 view

 One,towel common sense.

 1.When purchasing towels,try to go to large shopping malls,supermarkets or specialty stores to buy,and choose products produced by regular towel wholesale manufacturers.Towel products that meet the requirements should have standardized signs,and indicate the manufacturer,place of origin,telephone number,trademark,implementation standard,distribution method,etc.

 2.Look at the appearance:whether the sewing of the towel is fine and neat,whether the height of the terry is uniform,whether the color is pure and bright,and there is no unevenness.

 3.Touch:You should choose a towel with a soft texture and a soft touch.This kind of towel feels very elastic and sticks to the face,giving people a feeling of being soft and close to the face.The towel should not be dry and hard,so as not to hurt the skin.Generally speaking,high-quality terry cloth is fluffy,soft and non-greasy,soft and elastic in the fist,and patted without linting.

 4.Hygroscopicity test:if a good quality towel is dripped with water droplets,it can be quickly absorbed.If you wipe your face with your hands,you can quickly dry the water and remove dirt;while a poor quality towel will dry your face,slippery and not Absorbs water,does not remove dirt.

 5.Color fastness measurement:Put hot water at about 80°C into the basin,and then put the towel on top and bottom to lift it out.It is better if the water in the basin is not uniform.If there is obvious fading,it means that the printing and dyeing quality is poor,which is not good for human health.

 6.Odor:Towel products that meet the standard should have no odor.

 7.Burn off the raw materials:take out the circle on the edge of the towel,light it,and the ashes will turn black when it burns fast.The light and slag-free ones are pure cotton or cellulose regenerated fibers.If there is no clean ash in the burner,the yarn is a chemical-doped blend.

 Second,towel use common sense.

 1.Towels should be reserved for special persons and special towels.Pay attention to the hygiene of towels,wash,cook,and dry frequently.

 2.The place where the towel is placed should be kept ventilated and dry to prevent the stains from breeding various bacteria and prolong the service life of the towel;

 3.Household towels cannot be bleached with bleach to avoid damaging the skin;

 4.After the towel has changed a lot,it can be soaked in a towel and then changed.


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