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Analysis of the current situation and future trend of the towel wholesale industry

2024-02-200 view

 Analysis of the current situation and future trend of the towel wholesale industry

 Trend 1:Specialty stores will become the main channel for high-end towels.

 In addition to the original distribution and wholesale channels,supermarket stores,and department stores,towel series products are mainly based on towels,and it has become an inevitable trend to open specialty stores in first-and second-tier markets.

 Trend 2:The demand for towels is becoming more and more diversified,and innovation has become the mainstream.

 Customers are not only satisfied with the cleaning requirements of towels,but also pay more attention to the needs of fashion,environmental protection,decoration,health and personalization.Therefore,the towel industry will definitely set off a war of product innovation.The key is not how high the technical content of the product is,but whether it can be close to consumers and whether it can meet their special needs.For example,the towel toys developed on the market now sell well in Wuhan and other regions,changing the original product form,and developing the blue sea oftowels is the key.

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 Trend 3:Competition goes deep into every level.

 From the past price competition,product competition,advertising competition,stage competition,to a deeper level of terminal competition,service competition,and business model competition.It can integrate resources to the greatest extent,especially modern commercial retail resources,effectively establish in-depth communication with target consumer groups,form strong competitiveness in regional markets and even important strategic markets,and effectively prevent followers from following up,thereby Lay the foundation for occupying the national market.

 Trend 4:The growth of towel sales will come from the female market.

 Women's demand for towels is much higher than that of men and other consumers,and they are the main influencers and buyers of household consumption.First take the market opportunity and win the favor of female consumers,and then decide your future market position in the Chinese towel industry.

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