[Gaoyang Towel] How can a towel become soft when it becomes hard?

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 [Gaoyang Towel]Towels are in close contact with our bodies every day,and the main component of cotton fibers is easy to hide dirt.If the cleaning method is not correct,it will become a source of household pollution.

 Human sweat,tears and other secretions and disease microorganisms infected from the environment,such as Chlamydia trachomatis,Staphylococcus aureus,Neisseria gonorrhoeae,mold,etc.,are often attached to towels.If they are not washed and dried frequently,many bacteria will remain.Breeding on a towel,and using such a towel to wipe the body,the possibility of infection is high.Therefore,wash the towel in time after using it,it is best to wash it with soap once a day,and then bask in the sun.


 This often happens,and the towel becomes hard after a period of use.Perhaps because of this reason,many friends are reluctant to use this hard towel to wipe their face,because it hurts to rub on a soft face.In fact,it is easy to solve the problem if the towel becomes hard.One is to boil it in water for a period of time,and the other The method is to wash it with water with vinegar added.The reason why it will become hard is that there are some substances similar to scale in the towel,so just wash with water with vinegar to dissolve these scales.This method is simpler than boiling a towel.much more.

 In addition,the number of times the towel is used increases,the towel is greasy and sticky,the water absorption is poor,and the smell of steamed bread is emitted,and the more sticky it is after washing with soap.At this time,after washing with an appropriate amount of salt water,scalding with hot water,and finally washing with clean water,the towel can not only restore the original color,but also eliminate the strange smell.

 [Gaoyang Towel]Towels are fibrous fabrics,the use time becomes longer,and the bacteria that penetrate deep into the fiber gaps are difficult to remove.Cleaning,drying,high-temperature cooking and other methods can only control the number of bacteria in a short time,but cannot permanently remove bacteria.Long-term use of old towels can bring opportunities for bacteria to invade.Therefore,it is better to replace the towel with a new one in about three months.

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