[Gaoyang Towel] How to overcome the problem of towel color difference?

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 [Gaoyang Towel]Jieke Towel has basically mastered some methods to control the color difference of towels through years of research and summary,and share with you as follows:

 1)Improve the uniformity of the roll.When dyeing with an ordinary pad,the roll on the surface of the roll should be ground into an olive-shaped roll with a slightly larger diameter and a slightly smaller diameter at both ends,and the hardness of the rubber roll should be selected reasonably.

 2)The rolling is uniform.When making single-color and single-color products,it is feasible to use an olive-shaped roller to solve the problem of color difference in the side or left side.However,in the production of small batches,multi-variety and multi-color varieties,due to many factors to be considered,the rollers are often exchanged frequently,which brings trouble to the production.For the color difference in the edge and the left,center and right color difference,it is advisable to use a uniform rolling mill.

 3)Select the appropriate equipment to improve the state of the equipment,so that the dyed objects can be uniformly colored throughout the dyeing process.

 4)Improve the uniformity of fabric drying.After the fabric enters the hot air dryer,the size and temperature of the nozzle have different effects on the evaporation rate of fabric moisture.In any large area with high temperature,the water will evaporate quickly,so that the dye solution will migrate to the fast evaporation area,resulting in color difference.The change of temperature in the range of 10℃has little effect on the color difference,but when the thin fabric is processed above 5℃,the effect of the color difference is more obvious.In the range of 4m/s,it has little effect on thick fabrics,but in the range of 2m/s,there will be obvious color difference in thin fabrics.Therefore,we must take it seriously,adjust it strictly,and make the cloth temperature and temperature consistent,so that the fabric can be uniformly dried without causing chromatic aberration.The hot air part adopts the horizontal guide roller to pass through the cloth,which is beneficial to prevent the positive and negative color difference.Because the hot air blowing from both sides of the fabric comes from the same duct.If a hot air dryer with vertical cloth penetration is used,the equipment should be modified so that the air volume of the upper and lower air outlets can be properly adjusted for drying.The drum dryer is a contact drying,and the contact part with the drum heats up quickly and dries quickly,and it is also easy to cause the problem of swimming.Therefore,the temperature of the supply cylinder that the fabric first contacts is appropriately lowered,and then gradually enters the high-temperature drying cylinder.This is beneficial to reduce the generation of chromatic aberration.Through infrared pre-baking method,microwave direct-drying method,etc.,the dyeing products can be consistent inside and outside,which is beneficial to avoid the color difference of swimming.When using infrared to dry the fabric,the infrared radiation on the front and back sides must be uniform,and the infrared radiator should not be too close to the fabric,so as not to dry too quickly,resulting in a color difference between the front and the back.

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 5)In addition,the hairspray used on the semi-finished product before dyeing should be uniform,so that the amount of liquid absorbed when the semi-finished product is dyed is consistent,and the color difference cannot be caused by the uneven moisture content of the semi-finished product.It is necessary to choose a dye that is similar to the dyeing curve as much as possible to help reduce color difference.Dyestuffs should be stored separately according to the place of origin and batch number.We should do a good job in testing and testing,know each batch of chromatic light,and use it in batches to prevent chromatic aberration.

 (6)Add leveling agent when dyeing,such as adding cotton leveling agent when dyeing cotton knitted fabrics,which is beneficial to reduce color difference.When pad dyeing polyester/cotton fabrics,add appropriate anti-migration agents(for example,add alginin,acid derivatives, the dye liquor).This can prevent the color difference caused by migration.

 7)Strengthen the management of raw materials and provide qualified semi-finished products for dyeing.

 [Gaoyang Towel]How to overcome the problem of towel color difference?

 The fiber type,quality,proportion and sizing of the rough fabric have a great influence on the dyeing;under the same dyeing process conditions,the chromaticity produced by the gray fabrics produced by different textile factories is often very different,so the same batch of dyeing Products must be of the same grey fabric.

 The equipment used for pretreatment is different,the process conditions are not easy to grasp,and the obtained semi-finished products are different after dyeing.The process should be adjusted according to different varieties and equipment,so that the retreat,boiling,bleaching and mercerizing are all transparent,so as to ensure that the effect of refining and bleaching meets the dyeing requirements of dyeing products.

 [Gaoyang Towel]How to overcome the problem of towel color difference?

 It is required that the setting of the fabric after dyeing should be uniform and consistent to avoid color difference due to uneven setting during dyeing.

 The pH value of the fabric after mercerizing is one of the main factors affecting the color difference of the pretreatment.Mercerizing will cause yellow dyeing of the fabric during the drying process,and it will also cause the color change of the dye under high temperature and alkaline conditions,thereby causing the fabric color difference.

 8)The dyeing process should be reasonable,and the dyeing process should be correctly formulated according to the characteristics of different dyed products to ensure the stability of the processing process,so that there will be no color difference in dyeing.

 9)When the finishing conditions are changed,the effect of the finishing auxiliaries on the color light is different.After selection,care should be taken,and the finishing process conditions should be strictly controlled to avoid the phenomenon of color difference.


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