【Towel wholesale】Introduction of plant fiber towel

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 The meaning of plant fiber:

 【Towel wholesale】Plant fiber is a kind of natural and environmentally friendly degradable fiber,which is made of bamboo through special processing.The whole process of plant fiber manufacturing adopts high-tech means.It is the fifth natural textile element after cotton,hemp,wool and silk.Deodorant and other functions.known as the fiber queen

 Plant fiber towel:

 It is a new type of healthy towel that integrates health,environmental protection and beauty.At present,it has become a fashion choice for people to pay attention to health,pursue quality of life,and improve consumer taste.

 Features of plant fiber towel:

 1.Soft and smooth:

 The plant fiber towel has a smooth surface and a unique velvet feel,making it the softest and smoothest skin care material.

 2.Strong water absorption capacity:

 The cross section of the plant fiber towel is full of large and small oval pores,and the height of the natural cross section is empty,which can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water,which is called the fiber queen.

 vegetable fiber towel

 3.Antibacterial and anti-mite:

 Bamboo contains natural bactericidal ingredients and has antibacterial mites properties.After the inspection and verification of the National Cotton Textile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center:the same amount of bacteria is observed under a microscope,the bacteria multiply in cotton and plant fiber products,and plant fiber products kill more than 80%of the bacteria after 24 hours.Raw materials are incomparable.

 4.Easy to clean:

 The vegetable fiber has been treated with fat,sugar and protein to prevent stains from remaining on the vegetable fiber towel.


 The plant fiber has been thoroughly degreasing,desugarized and deproteinized to prevent the chemical reaction of stains on the plant fiber towel,with strong cleaning ability,fast and thorough decontamination.The UV penetration rate of plant fiber is 6/1000,and the UV penetration rate of cotton is 2/1000.The UV resistance of plant fiber is 47 times that of cotton.

 6.Natural health care:

 "Compendium of Materia Medica"describes more than 20 medicinal functions and prescriptions of bamboo,such as sterilization and fire-clearing.There are nearly a thousand kinds of bamboo prescriptions in the folk...

 Unlike ordinary towels:

 Ordinary towels have poor air permeability,poor moisture drainage,and bacteria will multiply;plant fibers contain natural bactericidal ingredients,which have the perfect bactericidal function of the original ecology,inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and mites,create a sterile ecological environment,and provide clean and safe for daily skin insurance.Plant fibers are finer than ordinary cotton fibers,as smooth as silk and as soft as goose down,giving the delicate skin the softest and smoothest care.

 【Towel wholesale】Use and maintenance methods of plant fiber textiles:

 1.No need to twist the water hard:

 In the process of using plant fiber towels,consumers do not need to use cotton towels,which is unnecessary for plant fiber towels,because plant fiber towels are highly absorbent,and can absorb the moisture on the face after moderate twisting.In addition,the plant fiber has good air permeability,and the towel can easily evaporate water when it is hung in a ventilated place after use,so there is no need to worry about the towel being covered by too much water.

 2.Don't hang on sharp things:

 The plant fiber towel has good water absorption,and its own weight increases significantly after being wet with water,and it has excellent drapability.Therefore,when using the rear suspension,it is best to hang it on objects with a large force area such as rods and racks.If it is hung on objects such as spikes,hooks,etc.,the local fibers of the hanging part are easily deformed under the action of greater gravity.

 3.No need for hot water disinfection and cleaning.

 4.No need to scrub hard,wring dry,soak for a long time.Since the plant fiber itself has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects,it only needs to be washed and soaked.

 5.Plant fiber towels should be dried naturally after washing,and should not be wet for a long time,and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.

 6.Dark vegetable fiber fabrics will fade slightly when washed for the first time,which is a normal phenomenon.

 7.Soothing hand wash,warm water(below 40℃)wash:

 [Towel wholesale]It is not advisable to wash with chemical fiber fabrics on the same machine.No need to wash with detergent and detergent.In special cases,it is best to wash with a neutral detergent.If using a washing machine,be sure to wash in a gentle way.It is best to wash by hand.All natural plant fiber products should be treated gently.If you scrub hard with a strong alkaline detergent,it is easy to damage the fabric structure(the frequent use of strong alkaline detergents is also harmful to the skin).


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