【Gaoyang Towel】Towel Wholesale Cleaning and Nursing Daquan

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 【Gaoyang Towel】Towel Wholesale Cleaning and Nursing Daquan

 ★What should I pay attention to when using towels in summer?

 Summer is the hottest season of the year,and people's temperament is very strong.People are easily affected by temperature in summer,and various physiological functions and traits of the body will change.Therefore,in this hot summer,the towels we use need frequent cleaning and care,and Ruichun Textile will talk about it in detail below!

 ★Why do towels become hard?

 The towel will become hard after a period of use,because the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water will combine with the soap to produce calcium and magnesium salts that stick to the towel.

 ★How to make the towel softer?

 Soak in alkaline water for 10 minutes to clean the towel.Generally,1.5 kg of water plus 30 grams of soda ash can make the towel soft.

 ★How to soften a slippery towel?

 The towel is very uncomfortable after it is slippery,you can use thick water vapor and then rinse it with water to make it change color.

 ★Which towels are most likely to breed bacteria?

 There are more bacteria on the used towels,and the reproduction of bacteria requires a certain humidity and a certain temperature,and the natural conditions for bacteria to reproduce are high temperature and high humidity.

 ★Which condition is the towel most likely to be damaged?

 Under natural conditions,the towel itself is the easiest to get wet.So the towel should always be kept dry.

 ★How to wash antibacterial towels?

 The best cycle of bath towels and towels is one week.Rinse the towel with clean water and wring it dry.Dry the air.

 ★It is best to use an antibacterial towel of your own.

 Most towels are made of cotton yarn.Cotton fibers are highly susceptible to infection in a humid environment,and are prone to infection.Therefore,when using a bath towel,it is best to use a personal bath towel.

 Pure cotton products have strong resistance and can be used with various soaps,lotions,etc.This product should be controlled below 35°C.It is not advisable to soak it in detergent for a long time to avoid fading.The temperature should be below 120°C when ironing.

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