[Towel wholesale] Who are the people who buy expensive towels?

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 [Towel wholesale]Towels and bath towels are essential household items in life,Jieke towels,among the towel brands on the market,the price is medium,but you will find that such common daily necessities can be in different price ranges select within.The price difference will make many people think,what is the difference between cheap and expensive towels,and who is buying expensive towels?

 Today we invited several users to discuss the reasons for choosing Jieke.


 "I always thought that towels could dry the moisture,but I didn't expect that when I actually used them,I would gradually put more requirements on towels.In winter,I found that towels also need to have certain functions,such as I hope the bath towels can be thicker.It can be quickly air-dried after washing.I don’t want the towel to become hard and smelly after using it for a period of time.I found the Jieke towel according to these needs.It meets my requirements for the function of the towel.In life,I always want a better experience.If this kind of experience requires me to pay a little more,I think it's worth it.-Sunset


 He said:"In the past,in the traditional concept,a towel was actually a tool,and many people didn't care much about the quality of the towel,and seemed to think that as long as it could be used,it's fine,but now it's different.For me,I feel that in life Every detail of the product is worth the money,and the towel is no exception.In addition,although the towel looks like a very ordinary thing,it is actually closely related to our health.I am a person who pays great attention to skin and physical health.When buying towels,I have encountered discoloration,bleaching,and pungent odors.These are all factors that will silently threaten my health.I can't do it in the future,so I choose Jieke towels,so that I can rest assured.Although the price is slightly higher,it gives me complete comfort.

 In addition,for the sake of health,I often disinfect the towels,which is rather troublesome.——Xianjun

 Key words:pain points.

 My shopping philosophy has always been that as long as it solves my pain point,I am willing to pay for it,and the price is second.I have used countless towels,and years of experience have taught me that there are indeed differences between different towels,and the difference in price is often not only reflected in the price.

 When using the towel,my pain point is the comfort of the towel,because my skin is relatively sensitive,and I am really not used to the kind of towel that is hard and astringent,so I carefully selected the Jieke towel,and its trace amount of cotton fiber makes my The skin is no longer tingling,and there is no allergic redness.What's even more surprising is that the towels remained soft after washing,something I haven't found on towels I've used before."-Xiangren.

 Key words:quality of life.

 "When I rented a house,I was relatively unremarkable,because I always felt that life was not my own,and I didn't care about small things like towels.I didn't even have a bath towel."

 After that,I finally moved into my own house.Because I had my own space,I began to have more life experience and life needs.I replaced better furniture for myself and bought a lot of high-quality furniture for myself.of household items,but it turned out to be all the details,even the towels were all changed.And it was this replacement that made me discover the Jieke towel.It has a simple appearance that I like,and it looks good anywhere at home.In addition to the high-end appearance,the feeling of use is also very good,which makes me feel that Jieke Towels are made in earnest.This experience also made me realize:first,a certain quality of life can indeed be bought with money;second,only when I treat life with heart can I get the rewards from life.

 Everyone's answers made us very happy and gave us an answer to this topic.

 Due to the growing demand of the people,high-quality towels are also becoming more and more expensive.

 High-priced towels increase the cost of product research and development,and are countless investigations and attempts on user experience.Sometimes in order to make consumers have a better experience and experience,the manufacturer's investment in research and development and design may be a Astronomical numbers.

 Always believing in the principle of"cheap,high quality and low price",Jieke will continue to work hard to create a better home life.

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