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Pinduoduo training investment exchange meeting was successfully held -- Hebei Ruichun Textile

2023-04-120 view
 In order to help Gaoyang textile merchants enhance their e-commerce operation ability,expand their labor service brands,and drive more employment and entrepreneurship,on February 23,the"Pinduoduo Training Exchange Conference"hosted by Pinduoduo and hosted by Ruichun Textile of Gaoyang County was successfully held in Gaoyang,attracting more than 60 entrepreneurial enterprises.Zhang Ruichun,chairman of Ruichun attended the event and delivered a speech.

 At the meeting,Pinduoduo Primary 2 shared the industry layout,development direction,resource position play,platform traffic trend and source in detail.In the on-site question-and-answer session,Pinduoduo staff gave a lot of operation and entrepreneurship suggestions,which played a positive role in improving the potential energy of Gaoyang industrial belt merchants
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