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Gaoyang Textile is full of people in the county, and is listed as the spokesperson of the national labor service brand!

2022-06-300 view

 In order to strengthen the construction of labor service brands and promote rural revitalization in an all-round way,the"National Labor Service Brand Image Spokesperson Exhibition and Broadcasting Event",guided by the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and sponsored by China Labor and Social Security Newspaper,was officially launched on June 15,with 324 labor service brand images.The spokesperson was broadcast on the China Labor and Social Security News Network and the official WeChat account of the newspaper for 15 days.Among them,Manquan County,the chief technical engineer of Hebei Ruichun Textile Co.,Ltd.,was honored on the list.

 Hebei Gaoyang,with a textile history of more than 400 years,accounts for one-third of the country's total production of towels and blankets,with an annual output value of 41 billion yuan.More than 40 well-known Chinese trademarks such as Ruichun,Sanli,Zhiyang,and Hongrun were born,attracting batches of skilled craftsmen to join the development wave of the textile industry and become the mainstay of the"Gaoyang Textile People"labor service brand.Manquan County is one of them.

 1.Keep pace with the times and strive to be the vanguard of the county's textile industry

 Manquan County is currently the chief technical engineer of Hebei Ruichun Textile Co.,Ltd.,concurrently serving as a towel standard drafting expert of the Towel Sub-Technical Committee of China Textile Industry Association,and an expert consultant of Gaoyang County Towel Industry Association.In the years of industry technology research,he is full of persistent pursuit of the textile industry,leading the technical personnel of Ruichun Company to create extraordinary miracles for the development of the county's textile industry.The research and development achievements have won 33 national patents,involving There are 137 copyrights and 12 software copyrights,which have made outstanding contributions to Gaoyang County becoming a very influential technology cluster in the textile industry.Ruichun Company has also been recognized as"Hebei Enterprise Technology Center"and"Hebei Industrial Design Center".","Hebei Province Home Textile Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance","Hebei Province Home Textile Industry Technology Research Institute".

 2.Give all your money and be a navigator of textile wisdom

 Manquan always likes to study.In his spare time,he always insists on studying,reading a lot of textile books,hunting for domestic and foreign textile information,broadening his thinking,and laying a solid foundation for his continuous innovation of products and brave new heights in textiles.In his work,he often goes to the front line to explain,conduct technical training,practice military operations,explain new technologies,new processes and the debugging and use of new equipment to workers,and encourage workers to learn from each other.There are more than 330 front-line skilled workers.

 3.Bravely stand at the forefront and be a good builder of the county's labor service brand

 Out of his passion for the textile industry,he has great love in mind,takes the initiative to undertake social responsibilities,shoulders the important task of helping textile practitioners improve their skills,and also serves as a specially-appointed expert tutor for Gaoyang County Bangchen Vocational Skills Training School.Since the vocational skills training was launched in September 2020,nearly 100 skill training sessions have been carried out in textile printing and dyeing,textile design,e-commerce,maintenance electrician,and electric welding.About 5,000 people have participated in the training,and many outstanding textile printing and dyeing technical talents have been trained.

 At the same time,in order for laborers to apply what they have learned,Gaoyang County Industry Association Joint Training School has actively organized and established a number of practical practice bases,including China(Gaoyang)Textile Talent Exchange Training Base,Gaoyang County Veteran Entrepreneurship Incubation Base,and Gaoyang County Veteran Military Education Training base,Gaoyang County Women's Wechat,Gaoyang County College Student Employment Practice Base,Cross-border E-commerce Research Center Training Base,etc.,relying on the continuous innovation and progress of base talents,have been identified as"provincial exemplary entrepreneurial and employment incubation bases"And"National Textile and Garment Talent Training Base"and other honorary titles.

 After Gaoyang Textile has been listed as the spokesperson of the national labor service brand this time,Gaoyang County will continue to develop and innovate,strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the labor service brand,and enhance the competitiveness of the labor service brand,so that more labor service brands can come on stage beautifully and continuously.Scream!

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