Gaoyang towel manufacturers teach you the common sense of towel use

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 Every day,we are inseparable from the towel,several times a day intimate contact.But how to use the towel correctly,towel becomes hard,greasy how to do.Gaoyang towel manufacturers to tell you a few towel to use common sense.

 Why do towels get hard?

 Because the calcium and magnesium ions in the water combine with the soap,the soap will stick to the towel and harden over time.

 How do you soften a towel?

 After boiling in alkaline water for 10 minutes,the towel will become soft.Generally,1.5 kg of water and 30 grams of soda ash will be washed together to soften it.

 How to freshen a greasy towel?

 If the towel is greasy,it can be washed with concentrated salt water and then rinsed with water to make it refreshing.

 Which towels are most likely to harbor bacteria.

 Towels have a lot of bacteria on them,and bacteria can only thrive at a certain humidity and temperature.The natural conditions most suitable for bacteria to thrive are high heat and humidity.

 Under what conditions is the towel most likely to be damaged?

 The natural condition most likely to destroy the towel itself is high humidity.So towels are best kept dry often.

 How do I wash the towels?

 One week is the best cycle for towel cleaning and sterilization.Rinse the towel with clean water and wring it out.Place in a ventilated place to dry.

 It's best to use your own towel.

 Most towels are made of cotton yarn,which is susceptible to infection and germ breeding in humid environments,so it is best to use personal towels when using towels.

 Towels are prone to bacteria.Thick towel,every time you wash your face will be wet,hanging in the wet bathroom,bacteria and mites are the favorite,wet place is easy to accelerate breeding,so the towel will stick together for a while.In this case,continued use is tantamount to destroying the skin.It's best not to put towels in the toilet and get more sun.
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