[Gaoyang towel] Towel care is very important, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable

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 【Gaoyang towel】In daily life,towel is essential,as long as we use it correctly,it will play a lot of roles.However,if we do not pay attention to cleaning towels,it is likely to do great harm to our health,the most common problem is the smell of towels,so how should we do care at ordinary times?By Gaoyang towel to introduce you today!

 Cotton towel care Guide.

 Follow the care instructions carefully.When cleaning cotton cloth,avoid overheated water and long time drying.Tumble drying in the cloth dryer can make the cotton towel become fluffy and soft,but hanging dry can not achieve this effect.

 Choose half the dosage recommended on the washing label to make the towel softer.Do not pour the detergent directly on the towel.If you pour the detergent directly on the towel,the detergent will remain on the towel and the towel will become hard.Choose mild cleaners and reduce the use of chlorine bleach.

 Fabric softener should not be used frequently.Avoid fabric softeners that contain silicone,which can leave a waxy layer that affects water absorption.

 Gaoyang towel manufacturer

 【Gaoyang towel】Black towels and light towels should be cleaned separately.Never wash a towel with a zipper,hook or button,as this will damage the towel coil.You can't wash the towel with your clothes,because the wool cloth will wrap light,soft clothes in it.【Gaoyang towel】

 Spread the towel out on the drying rod to dry it quickly.The amount of washing has an effect on the use time of the towel.The fewer the washing times,the longer the use time.Do not leave wet towels for too long to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria.

 【Gaoyang towel】Towel can be used to clean the skin,but we should pay more attention when using,pay attention to the cleaning and daily care of the towel,only with a clean towel,we can have a healthy life!
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