Towel wholesale we need to pay attention to what matters

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 Bosses,pay attention to the towel wholesale must choose some good reputation of the towel.The quality of these towels is guaranteed.It's good for our skin.Towels are everyday consumables.If you want to be economical.There are websites where employers can buy towels wholesale so you can get a good product for less money.

 1.Wholesale dark cotton towels cost more than light cotton towels,which are more durable than dark cotton towels.Because of the high cost of dark color,that is,the chemical input dyeing time is high.So there's a lot of damage to the fibers.And the darker the color,the worse the fastness.Kids are better off with light colors.Don't buy embroidered towels.

 2.Weight.The cost of towels is based on weight.The heavier it is,the higher the cost,and of course the better the quality.

 3.Use for a long time will harden.

 4.Wet towels are more perishable and susceptible to bacteria than dry towels.

 5.Why do some cotton towels not absorb water after wholesale?Why do some towels dry when they touch the water?This is because a soft additive is used to treat the towel.It's a liquid,and cotton towels get very soft when you go through them.There are two kinds:one is absorbent;One is not absorbent.Of course,you know the problem before.The color of non-absorbent products is particularly bright,as if coated with a layer of grease;So,when you want to buy cotton towels wholesale,the very thin towels are very bright in color,but they don't absorb water.

 Wholesale of towels

 【Towel wholesale】With the requirements of life quality,the demand for family life towels,bath towels,hotel towels,spa towels,corridor towels,and courtyard towels has increased rapidly.Entrepreneurs choose towels as entrepreneurial products for towel wholesale,retail and distribution.
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