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How does Gaoyang towel manufacturer overcome towel color difference?

2022-11-170 view
 Towels are essential daily necessities for every family,and every family has more than one towel.It is a commonly used product that uses a towel to wipe away dry water marks.The color of a towel becomes the first visual parameter for customers to choose.Today,we will take a look at the difference in towel color.How does the Gaoyang towel manufacturer do it?

 After years of research and summary,Jieke towel wholesale manufacturer has basically mastered some methods to control the color difference of towels,and I would like to share with you:

 (1)Improve the uniformity of the roller.When dyeing with ordinary mill,the surface of the roller should be ground into an olive-shaped roller with a larger middle diameter and a smaller two ends,and the hardness of the cots should be selected reasonably.

 (2)Adopt uniform rolling.In the production of single variety,monochrome products,the use of olive shaped roller to solve the edge or left center color difference is a feasible method.However,when producing small batch,multi-variety,multi-color position variety.Due to a lot of factors to consider,often need to make frequent adjustments to the roll,so there are some problems in use.Using uniform rolling wheel is an effective way to solve the color difference between left and right middle and left middle.

 (3)Choose the right equipment to improve the condition of the equipment,so that the dyed objects in the whole dyeing process of uniform color.

 (4)The drying uniformity of the fabric is improved.After the cloth enters the hot air dryer,the size of air speed and temperature have different effects on the speed of water evaporation.In the place of high wind speed and high temperature,the water evaporates rapidly,so that the dye moves to the evaporation area,resulting in color difference.When processing thick fabric,the temperature difference below 10℃has little effect on color difference.When processing thin fabric,the temperature difference above 5℃will produce obvious color difference.When the wind speed is in the range of 4m/s from left to right,it has little effect on the thick fabric.When the wind speed difference is 2m/s,thin fabric will appear obvious color difference.Therefore,must be taken seriously,strictly regulate the wind speed,make the cloth temperature and heating speed is consistent,so that the fabric evenly dry,no color difference.The hot air part adopts the cross guide roller to wear cloth,which is more conducive to prevent the color difference between the front and the back.Because the hot air on both sides of the fabric is generated from the same pipe.If the vertical hot air dryer is used,the equipment should be modified so that the air volume into the wind speed of the upper and lower tuyere can be properly adjusted,which is conducive to the correction of color difference.Contact dryer,contact part and drying part heating fast,fast drying,also easy to produce dissociation problems.Therefore,make the fabric first contact with the temperature of the supply cylinder is properly reduced,and then gradually into the high temperature drying cylinder,which is conducive to reduce the possibility of color difference.Using infrared predrying,microwave drying and other methods,can make the dye inside and outside dry the same,conducive to avoid swimming color difference.Fabric with infrared drying,the front and back of the infrared radiation must strive to be uniform,so as to avoid the infrared radiator and the distance between the fabric is too close,so as not to dry too fast,resulting in front and back color difference.

 (5)In addition,the drying of semi-finished products before dyeing should be uniform,so that the absorption of semi-finished products during dyeing should be consistent,and the uneven dye absorption and color difference should not be caused by the uneven water content of semi-finished products.As far as possible,choose dyes with similar upper dyeing curves in order to reduce chromatic aberration.Hair dye should be stored separately according to place of origin and batch number.Check carefully,make each dye color light know,batch use,prevent color difference.

 (6)Add uniform dye when dyeing,such as cotton knitwear dyeing,the use of uniform dye helps to reduce the color difference.When printing polyester/cotton fabrics,add appropriate anti-drift agents(e.g.,sodium alginate,polyacrylic acid derivatives,etc.)to the dye solution to prevent colour aberration caused by swimming.

 (7)Strengthen the management of dyeing and provide qualified semi-finished products.

 ①The fiber type,quality,ratio and sizing of the blank have great influence on the dyeing effect.Under the same dyeing process conditions,the color of grey fabric from different manufacturers is often darker and lighter,so the same grey fabric must be used for the same batch of dyeing products.

 ②The equipment used for pretreatment is different,the process conditions are difficult to unify,and the color of the obtained semi-product is different after dyeing.According to different varieties and equipment to adjust the process,so that the annealing,cooking,bleaching,mercerization even,so as to ensure the dyeing requirements of dyed products.

 ③The fabric that needs to be set before dyeing should be uniform and consistent to avoid color difference caused by uneven setting during dyeing.

 (4)The pH of the fabric after photofilament is one of the important factors affecting the color difference of the pretreatment.The PH value after mercerization is too high,will not only make the fabric yellow in the drying process,but also make the dye change color under high temperature alkaline,resulting in color difference.

 (8)The dyeing process should be reasonable,and the process should be correctly formulated according to the characteristics of different dyeing products and the performance of dyeing and chemical raw materials,so as to ensure the stability of the process and no color difference will be produced during the processing.

 (9)Under different finishing conditions,finishing auxiliaries have different effects on color and light,so it is necessary to choose auxiliaries carefully and strictly control process conditions to avoid the occurrence of color difference.

 When it comes to choosing towels,experts recommend using plain towels as much as possible,because some bright towels are processed(fluorescent whitening agents)to show the color,which can cause harm to the human body.

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