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[Goyang Towel] Tips for using old towels!

2023-07-070 view

 【Goyang Towel】What can I do with used towels?

 baby sleeping bag

 Gather two thick old towels,sterilize them with hot water and dry them,sew the long sides of the two towels into a cylinder shape,and then sew the bottom edges.With such a towel sleeping bag,the baby will not catch a cold while sleeping.



 Making refrigerator handles

 Always open the refrigerator,so that the door handle is easily stained with oil,which affects the appearance and needs to be cleaned.Tie the old little square towel to the doorknob and the problem is solved.When shopping,look for a thin square in bright colors,and tie a knot to enhance the decorative effect.


 what to do with old towels

 In addition,it is a pity to use old beach towels and bath towels to wipe furniture,you can make a simple shopping bag.Cut the beautiful picture part according to the size of the bag,and then sew on three sides,cut the remaining towel into two sides to make the bag handle,so that you can make a beautiful bag.

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