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How much is the wholesale price of baby towels?

2023-05-180 view
 Baby towel is a newborn and infant skin health necessities,its soft and comfortable material and high water absorption is unmatched by other towels.For some nurseries,kindergartens and families,baby towels need to be purchased in bulk.So,how much is the wholesale price of baby towels?

 The wholesale price of baby towels is affected by many factors,such as brand,material,specification,quantity and so on.Generally speaking,the price of baby towels with more well-known brands is higher,and the price of baby towels with better materials and larger specifications will be relatively higher.In addition,the larger the purchase quantity,the wholesale price will be favorable.

 According to the market survey,the general wholesale price of baby towels in China is about 5 yuan to 20 yuan per towel,but the price will vary with different brands,specifications and purchase quantity.Some high-end brands may cost more,while some unknown brands or lower-grade baby towels may cost less.

 It's worth noting that price is not the only factor in choosing a baby towel.Quality is just as important as the quality of the material.When buying baby towels,attention should be paid to the choice of high-quality products,to avoid the use of some low quality products will cause irritation and damage to the baby's skin.

 Ruichun is a well-known brand of maternal and infant products in China.The baby towels produced by Ruichun are favored by consumers for their soft comfort and good water absorption.

 Ruichun baby towel is made of 100%high-quality cotton yarn.Its material is soft and absorbent,which can effectively protect the baby's delicate skin and avoid unnecessary irritation.The towel also has the characteristics of environmental protection and health,the use of natural dyes and processing technology,no harmful substances,no irritation,to give the baby safer use experience.

 Ruichun baby towel using fine weaving technology,towel feel soft,delicate,skin friendly.Its specifications are rich,there are small towel,large towel,bath towel and other specifications,suitable for different age of baby use.Plus,the brand offers a variety of cute prints and color options to add color to your baby's daily routine.

 In terms of price,the price of Ruichun baby towel is relatively close to the people,generally ranging from 10 yuan to 30 yuan,can meet the needs of families.

 In general,Ruichun baby towel with its reliable quality,affordable,rich specifications and other advantages by the majority of consumers love and trust.Ruichun is also one of the brands to recommend when shopping for baby towels.

 In short,the wholesale price of baby towels will vary due to a variety of factors,and buyers can choose their own products according to their own needs.No matter the price,choosing a quality baby towel is an investment in your baby's healthy growth.
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